Introduction to Week Two

We’ve arrived at week two of #di202. By now you should have gotten your domain and Web host straightened out, installed WordPress, and, at the very least, written your first blog post. If you have not done this, you need to get on top of it ASAP!

Here’s what we’re doing this week:

  • Tuesday
    Technology Investigation: RSS & Twitter; Following-up with WordPress
    • Submit your first blog post in Canvas.
    • Set up Google Reader to read each other’s blogs and the course site
    • Add a widget to your sidebar to follow posts from the course (
    • Set up your Twitter account and follow me and your classmates
    • Install the following plugins on your WP site:
      • Akismet: This is already installed in your site; you need to activate it and then follow the instructions to make it work.
      • Twitter Tools: This is a plugin to send a tweet whenever you write a post. It can be a bear to install, so read the instructions carefully!!
      • Google Analytics: You’ll need to install this AND set up a Google Analytics account and integrate the two.
      • Anything else you find interesting!
    • Write a post about getting all this set up. How did it go? What worked? What was frustrating? What do you need help with?  (Submit this in Canvas by Friday, 1/27)
  • Thursday
    Topic Investigation: Personal Cyberinfrastructure (guest lecture by Gardner Campbell; we’ll be meeting in duPont 209)
    Make sure you’ve read the Campbell essay and watched the Wesch video by then!



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