Assignments as We Head Into Week 3

Hopefully, as we all head into week three of #di202, we’ve got WordPress installed on our Web host and we’ve begun to start blogging. This week, I asked you to do two specific blog posts to help you get your feet under you and get used to blogging:

  • First introductory post and response to initial readings/videos (was due on Wed.)
  • Post about setting up your blog (due on Friday)

Make sure you get these done, ASAP!!

In addition, it is CRITICAL that you fill out the topic choice form. On Tuesday, I’m planning on announcing the topic schedule for the rest of the semester, so go do it now if you haven’t already!

On Tuesday, I’ll also be introducing the first Digital Identity Research project.

Just as a reminder, tonight (Thursday, 1/26), we’ll be meeting in duPont 209 with the digital storytelling class to talk with Gardner Campbell.

Finally, next week we’re going to be moving on to one of my favorite topics: Who Owns You Online? I’ve selected a list of things I’d like you to read/review for our conversation on Tuesday about this:

Remember, that for each of our topic discussions, I do expect you to use your blog as a space to share you reflections and thoughts. You can do this before class discussion or after, or both!

Finally, make sure you’ve reviewed the list of plugins I mentioned in my last post and attempted to install them on your site. Problems/solutions should be blogged!!

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