Introduction to Week Three

I know there have been a lot of set-backs as everyone sets up their sites. It’s *really* important that we try to iron all of this out by the end of the week. If you are still having trouble with your site tomorrow (there have been issues on the server today that will probably extend into the morning), please make an appointment with me for Thursday or Friday to meet and get this worked out. It’s vital that you have your site in order as we move forward.

Today (1/31) in class, we’ll be talking about Who Owns You Online. We’ll be discussing the readings I assigned last week.

In addition, I’ll be assigning topic/technology investigations for the rest of the semester. (You can see these on the Working Calendar). Tomorrow, I’ll be sending you each an individual message (in Canvas) confirming your topic/technology and dates. I will also be telling you the deadline by which I expect you to work with me to choose readings (for topic investigations) and assignments (for technology investigations). Please pay attention to these dates and begin to plan for them!!

I’ll also be introducing the identity project tonight. (Please note that the milestones for this have been pushed back a little.) During class, you’ll be getting the subject for your project. You can begin working on the project immediately. I expect you to blog about your research as you do it and use the “#identityproject” tag.

Finally, on Thursday we’ll be wrapping up today’s conversation and talking at greater length about the technology of search. In preparation, I’d like you to read two short articles:

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