Assignments as We Head Into Week Four

You all should have gotten an email from me yesterday (Wednesday, 2/1) with details about your topic/technology investigations. In addition, I asked you all to set up a meeting with me for Friday or next Monday to straighten out your Web sites. You can request a meeting by going here.

Since we’ve had some setbacks with sites, as you wait for your site to come back up online, submit all posts using the form on this site. This is not optional! I expect you to use this form until you have your site back up and running.

Today (Thursday, 2/2), we’ll be talking about the technology of Search. You should have read the two articles I referenced in my previous announcement post. In addition, as an assignment for next week, I want you to follow-up on today’s discussion by completing at least one Lifehacker Search Challenge. These challenges are issued every week; there is one listed for this week. In addition, if you look on the right-hand side of the page, you’ll see a list of previous challenges. Pick one to do. DO NOT CHEAT and read the comments before you complete the challenge!! Blog about your experience trying to do this challenge and use the tag #searchchallenge.

Next week, we’ll be moving into a new topic, Circa 1995, in which we’ll be taking a look at the Web from the point-of-view of the mid-1990s. I’d like you to read and review the following items before class on Tuesday:

As you read and explore these resources, think about how they speak to your current experience and understanding of the internet and the Web. We’ll be talking about this topic in class on Tuesday, the 7th. As always, you should be blogging about your thoughts WRT to this reading and everything we’re discussing!

So, to recap:

  • Schedule your “Fix My Blog!” meeting with me for Friday or Monday
  • Keep blogging with the Emergency!! tool until then.
  • After our discussion about Search, complete at least one of the Search Challenges at ┬áLifehacker
  • Read/Listen to/View/Explore the resources I’ve listed above


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