Here I am. by Lindsay

This blog post is to address the processes I went through setting up my blog site.

It took a while for me to figure out how to point the webhost to the domain (or was that the other way around? O_o). BUT with time and patience…and reading those tutorials a few times over…I figured it out! Getting out of that issue was such a good feeling, because I could actually begin to start playing around with personalizing my blog site; furnishing my new online home 🙂 I found installing themes to be relatively easy. I’m by no means a professional, but I do have a bit of HTML code proficiency from personal experience (i.e., tinkering around with html background/theme codes and learning from experience)… so editing the themes was actually quite a fun and exciting process for me! Also, installing the Google Analytics plug-in and the Askimet plug-in was a piece of cake compared to installing the Twitter plug-in. Even though I followed the tutorial (provided by WordPress) at the end of the process it all failed to authenticate. (Hopefully Prof. Burtis can help me solve this last problem)

With the twitter plug-in issue aside, I’d say that the process of setting up my blog site wasn’t full of arduous tasks. Instead, this process has been a journey towards constructing all the fundamental tools and aspects necessary to give identity and character to my site. HERE I AM!

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