Moving into Week Six

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Okay. Next week, you all will start leading topic and technology investigations. To get us started, Lindsay will be leading discussion on Tuesday about “Living and Lying Online.” On Thursday, Emily will be taking us on a tour of Flickr. Here’s what you need to do to prepare:

Living & Lying Online Preparation


Questions to Consider:

  1. Where online is it easiest, most harmful, or most common to lie? (e.g., online dating sites, forums, personal profiles)
  2. What are the potential dangers/negative aspects of lying online?
  3. What are the possible benefits, if any, of lying online?
  4. Should lying online be a crime? Why/Why not?



Assignment (Prior to Class!!)

Create a Flickr account. Emily will provide details about your exploration assignment in class.

Keep in mind that the success of your classmates’ investigations rests on all of reading and preparing. Do them a solid.

In Other News

  • Nobody’s completed their Internet Archive exploration. (Listed at the bottom of the page.) Do you hate the puppies? WHY?!?!?!
  • Keep those identity project posts coming and make sure you blog about your plan for your digital story!! That was due tonight (Thursday), and we’ll be talking about it in class. But I also want to see a post about it!




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