Preparing for your subject interviews

Your final digital identity project is due the Tuesday after spring break (this includes the digital story as well as a brief 5-10 minute presentation). In preparation for this, you’ll want to do your interview with your subject in the next week or so. As you prepare for your interview, here some advice about how to go about completing it.

There are basically three interview formats that you could use:

  • Email your subject with a list of questions for them to answer. You may wish to follow-up in subsequent messages if you feel like you still have questions after they answer your initial round.
  • Conduct a voice interview. For this you could use the phone (and take notes) or use Skype and, if you like, record your call. One advantage to a Skype recording is that you could include parts of the audio in your digital story.
  • Conduct a video interview. For this you could use Skype and, if you like, record your call (audio and/or video). Again, this could give you material for your story.

If you decide to use Skype and record your class, here are some resources you might find helpful:

PC Skype Calls

  • Pamela is a PC program that lets you record the audio and video of a Skype call. There are three versions:
    • Basic (Free): 5 minutes of video allowed; 15 minutes of audio allowed.
    • Call Recorder (Free/License for $25.91): 5/unlimited of video; 15/unlimited of audio. (Licensing opens up the “unlimited” option).
    • Professional (30 day free demo/License for $32.41): unlimited audio; unlimited video. NOTE: There are NO functional limitations on the 30-day demo. This is probably your best bet!
  • MP3 Skype Recorder is a PC program that allows you to record Skype audio. It is totally free and there are no recording limitations.

Mac Skype Calls

  • WireTap Studio: This Mac-only program allows you to record, edit, and export all audio from a Skype call. It costs $69, but there is a free trial! (Some people have noted that it doesn’t work well on the latest version of the Mac OS)
  • eCamm Call Recorder: This program is also Mac-only and it allows you to record audio and video of Skype calls. It costs $19.95 but there is a free demo BUT it prints a watermark/message over the video. Bummer.
  •  If you have the latest version of Quicktime Player (10.0) allows you to record audio and video from an application like Skype. You’ll wan to select Built-In Microphone to capture the audio of you and your subject talking.

Two important things to keep in mind:

  • The quality of your audio and video will depend entirely on your and your subject’s internet connection. I recommend getting on a wired connection on your end, if at all possible.
  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE TEST this before you go live with your subject. You don’t want to waste their time if you discover you have difficulties.

If you come across any other tools or tutorials, share them below!

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