Moving Into Week Seven

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Finishing Up Week Six

  • Make sure you have finished up your reflections for this week’s topic (Lying Online).
  • For your investigation of Flickr, here is what Emily would like you to do:

    On your newly created Flickr account, upload (five) photos from your everyday life and put them into a Flickr “bunch.”  Write a caption to share with the class for each one what makes each one important. Share your collection on your blog!

  • Begin thinking about what community you would like to embed yourself in for the community project. I would like you to share your choice with me before you leave for spring break, if possible. I’ve included my list of suggested communities on the Community & Citizenship Assignment page. If you have another community that you would like to work on (that’s not on my list), I’m open to that. Let me know what it is, and I’ll let you know if I think it’s appropriate for the assignment.
  • Keep working on your digital identity projects. Remember, they are due the Tuesday after spring break!

Week Seven Investigations

Next week, Kirsten will be leading our topic investigation on Race & Ethnicity online (on Tuesday the 28th) and Johnna will be leading our technology investigation on Aviary (on Thursday the 1st).

In preparation for these two discussion, Kirsten and Johnna have asked you to review the following:

Race & Ethnicity Resources/Readings & Questions

  1. What are the drawbacks of the internet in terms of race and cultural stereotypes?
  2. What are the benefits offered by the internet for race and ethnic identity?
  3. Do you think the internet perpetuates or discourages racial discrimination?

Aviary Resources/Readings & Questions

Sign up for an account on Aviary.

Please make sure you review all of your classmates’ materials prior to our discussion. As always, I expect you to share your topic reflections and technology investigations on your Web sites!!

 Identity Projects

These are due the Tuesday after spring break. During that class session, I will expect each of you to do a brief (5-10 minute) presentation about your project. I’ve added more information about this presentation to the Identity Project page.

Next Tuesday (the 28th), I will give you each a contact email for your research subject. You should schedule your interview with them ASAP. Do not leave this to the last minute — you have no control over their schedule and if you wait, you may not be able to make it work!

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