Welcome to Week Seven

Race Cube

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Week Seven Investigations

This week, on Tuesday Kirsten will be leading our discussion on “Race & Ethnicity Online” and Johnna will be introducing us to Aviary on Thursday. Make sure you’ve reviewed the materials Kirsten’s provided and created your Aviary account.

Other Week Seven Announcements

  • On Tuesday (2/28), I’ll be passing out contact information for your digital identity subjects.
  • On Thursday(3/1), Alan Levine will be visiting our class for 10-15 minutes to interview us about digital identity for an upcoming conference presentation he’s doing.
  • If you are on tap to do topic or technology investigations in the weeks following spring break (William, Lindsay, Kirsten), them make sure you’ve checked the calendar for deadlines to get me resources/readings.
  • I’m noticing people still having a hard time keeping up with postings and commenting. Please be aware, this WILL affect your grade at the 10-week mark.
  • By Thursday, you should have shared with me what community you want to research for the Community & Citizenship Projects (suggestions at that link).

Looking Forward to After Spring Break

  • Identity projects are due the Tuesday after spring break. That means, your digital story must be posted on your blog by that day and you will be presenting in class that evening.
  • On Thursday of that week, class is canceled. Instead, I will be asking you each to attend a presentation by Bryan Alexander. (Details forthcoming).

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