Welcome to . . .Spring Break!!

Some rights reserved by Pryere on Flickr

Believe it or not, we are actually half-way through the semester! Do you feel like you’ve mastered half of what there is to know about digital identity and citizenship? Awesome!

If you’ve still got work to do for your digital identity projects, you’ll probably have to work over break (insert sad panda). If you’re all caught up — yay, you!!

In any case, here’s where you should be when we return:

  • Your digital identity project needs to be completed and posted to your blog by the Tuesday after break. You need to prepare to present about the research you did, the interview you conducted, and your digital story. When I grade this project, I will be looking at it holistically — I’ll be considering how well you narrated your research process, your reflections on your subject interviews, your final story, and your presentation! (Resource Link: Preparing for your interview)
  • You should have picked your community for the community and citizenship project. You’ll want to hit the ground running on this when we return!!
  • You should be caught up on blogging for topic and technology investigations.
  • You should be regularly blogging and commenting!

Enjoy your break!!

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