Welcome to Week Eight

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On tap this week, everyone will be sharing their digital stories and research on Tuesday night. I had a dream on Sunday night about this class, and your projects were awesome! I’m sure that in real-life they be just as great. 😉

On Thursday, we will NOT be meeting in duPont at 6:00. Instead, we’ll be attending a public lecture by Dr. Bryan Alexander at 7:00 in Combs 139.

The title of the talk is The Visible College: Four Futures for Higher Education

 What is happening to higher education?  We are currently in a time of crisis and incipient transformation, with multiple pressures converging on academia.  Economic stresses, technological revolutions, political challenges, and transnational developments seem to be pressing the liberal arts into new shapes.  During this talk we will explore those changes, first by surveying the landscape with an eye towards the cybercultural renaissance.  Next we work through a set of future scenarios, imagining different possible forms for American academia.  The presentation will be as provocative and challenging as the problems addressed, and as interactive as the best solutions may be.

I expect that this presentation will touch on a number of issues and questions that we’ve addressed so far this semester. So, next Tuesday our class will be devoted to talking about this presentation. I expect you to share your thoughts and responses, including three things you learned from the presentation, on your blog BEFORE next Tuesday.

Things you need to be doing/have completed this week:

  • Identity project digital story: this is due TONIGHT (Tuesday, 3/13). Late work will affect your grade!
  • Begin your community project research, including a first blog post about which community you’ll be joining. This is due by Thursday, 3/15
  • Make sure you’ve caught up on past assignments. I expect you to be caught up on everything from before spring break by Thursday 3/15!!
  • Blog about Dr. Alexander’s talk by Tuesday, 3/20.
  • Check the calendarto see if you have to let me know about resources/readings for any upcoming topic or technology investigations.


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