Moving into Week Eleven

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Welcome to Week Eleven of DI202. This week, Leah will be leading a conversation about subcultures online (Tuesday night) and having a (not optional!) workshop for your digital community projects.


Before class on Tuesday, 4/3, please be sure to read or view the following:

  Community Projects

You should have your research for your community project well underway, and you should be blogging about it at least once a week. I expect these posts to be more than just saying “I spent more time on XYZ site, and I’m really enjoying what I’m finding.” If you’re not sure what to be researching and writing about, review the assignment details, particularly the list of reflective questions. I expect these posts to be substantive, informative, engaging — and USE PICTURES!!

On Thursday of this week, I’ll be leading a workshop on the digital story portion of your project. Remember, you can do the project that is outlined on the assignment page or you can pick your own story idea. I expect you to let me know this week (in your community project blog post) which direction you intend to go for your digital story.

A Note about Grades

I’ve completed the 10-week pass on grades. Blogging and participation for this period is graded, as are your digital identity projects. If you’ve completed your topic or technology investigation, you will also have a grade for that. If you have any questions or concerns about your grade, talk to me ASAP.

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