Canceling your Cast Iron Coding Account.

When you have determined that you no longer need your hosting account, you may request cancellation of the account. All recurring billing will cease, and your billing information will be deleted from CIC’s system. Once your hosting account has been cancelled, however, it is deleted and is not recoverable, so be sure that you have downloaded everything you want to keep from the server before proceeding.

Cast Iron Coding requires the creation of a support ticket by a logged in user in order to cancel. This is for your own protection so that someone who identifies as your or uses your email address cannot cancel your account. In order to create a support ticket, you must log in at Click the “Log In” button at the top right and enter your email address and password that you originally used when you signed up. If you have lost or do not recall your password, use the “Forgot Password?” link to have instructions sent to your email address.

Once logged in, navigate to Support > Submit New Ticket. Choose “Cancellation” as the ticket type. Set the Package field to the package that you want cancelled (you probably have only one, but it’s good to make your instructions as clear as possible). All that needs to be entered in the subject and message is “cancel”, but if you want to communicate anything else to Cast Iron Coding about your experiences hosting with them, that would be fine as well.

Once you have submitted a ticket your hosting account will be cancelled within 7 days. No further billing will take place after you have cancelled.


One final note: if you feel you have been charged in error or overcharged for your hosting account, please contact Cast Iron Coding by opening a support ticket. Do not create a chargeback on your credit card to dispute billing. Valid billing disputes will be handled promptly and fairly.

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