Welcome to Seek Wix

CC: Some rights reserved by jintae kim's photography on Flickr

A couple of announcements:

  • Tonight (Tuesday, 2/21) we’ll be talking about Living & Lying Online. Lindsay will be leading the discussion.
  • Thursday, 2/24, we’ll be getting an introduction to Flickr by Emily. Make sure to review Emily’s assignment!
  • I’ll also be introducing the Community Project on Thursday.
  • Next week we’re covering Race & Ethnicity and Aviary. I need materials from Kirsten and Johnna this week to share with the class (Let me know if you want to schedule a meeting to talk, Kirsten and Johnna!).
  • Check out my email from today about the change to the Creative Commons exploration assignment:


Upon further consideration, I’ve decided to postpone our Creative Commons investigation activity (where we were all going to collaboratively edit an image) until after this week and next week during which time you’ll get introduced to Flickr and Aviary. Both of these tools will make the idea of finding and editing images a bit easier, I hope.

I’m still planning on doing it later in the semester, though, so you’re not off the hook!

Instead, make sure you watch the “A Shared Culture” video that I mentioned last Thursday. And, if you haven’t yet blogged about Creative Commons and/or copyright, please use your blog to respond to the video and answer the question I asked last week: “Why are we talking about copyright in a class about digital identity?” I’d like to see these responses by this Thursday!


  • Keep blogging about your identity project and let me know when you are ready for contact information for your subject!
  • If you haven’t already, share your digital story idea on your blog by Thursday!!!!
  • I’m working on two things that I should have ready by Thursday:


Moving into Week Six

Think of this as me. Sharing the class with you. I'm so nice. (CC Some rights reserved by bengrey on Flickr)

Okay. Next week, you all will start leading topic and technology investigations. To get us started, Lindsay will be leading discussion on Tuesday about “Living and Lying Online.” On Thursday, Emily will be taking us on a tour of Flickr. Here’s what you need to do to prepare:

Living & Lying Online Preparation


Questions to Consider:

  1. Where online is it easiest, most harmful, or most common to lie? (e.g., online dating sites, forums, personal profiles)
  2. What are the potential dangers/negative aspects of lying online?
  3. What are the possible benefits, if any, of lying online?
  4. Should lying online be a crime? Why/Why not?



Assignment (Prior to Class!!)

Create a Flickr account. Emily will provide details about your exploration assignment in class.

Keep in mind that the success of your classmates’ investigations rests on all of reading and preparing. Do them a solid.

In Other News

  • Nobody’s completed their Internet Archive exploration. (Listed at the bottom of the page.) Do you hate the puppies? WHY?!?!?!
  • Keep those identity project posts coming and make sure you blog about your plan for your digital story!! That was due tonight (Thursday), and we’ll be talking about it in class. But I also want to see a post about it!




Welcome to Week Five


CC: Some rights reserved by cicyc on Flickr

Are you blogging? If not, why?

Don’t avoid the blog.

Every time you forget to blog, this poor puppy think you’ve stopped loving him. Do you want to make the puppy cry?

Don’t hurt puppies.


This week will be a bit different from the format of the last couple of weeks as we gear up to pass the reigns from Martha to everyone else.

On Tuesday we’ll be having a workshop to work on your digital identity projects, brainstorm story ideas for that project, and address any technology issues we’re still having. I highly recommend you attend!

On Thursday, we’ll be talking about Creative Commons. In preparation, please take a look at the following readings:

In preparation for Thursday, please consider this question: Why are we talking about copyright (and Creative Commons) in this class?


Additionally, please remember that this week I will be doing my first pass at grading your participation and development of your blog. I expect to have a mark posted for each of you by Friday for this. If you have questions or concerns when you review this, please let me know.


You’ll notice that I’ve reorganized a bit on the site. On the home page, you’ll now clearly see a section for announcements (from me) and blog posts (from everyone). Hopefully, this will make it easier to keep track of what’s new.

I’ve also revamped the course calendar to clarify dates for the rest of the semester. You can still get through it using the header menu. In addition, the next 5 things on the calendar will now appear in the sidebar. Please review these.

In the sidebar, you’ll also now see a section for “Important Assignment Information” — this just points to description for each assignment. I think people were having trouble finding this information, so there you go. The second section is labeled “Contributors” and it contains links to everyone’s blogs. Enjoy!


In particular as you review the new improved course calendar, you will note that I have added the deadlines for you to get readings/assignments to me for your topic or technology investigations. This is an important component of leading the discussion for these investigations. I expect you to get these to me by the deadline and to schedule a meeting with me if you need assistance. If you do not get this information to me in time for me to disseminate it to the class, discussion on your day will suffer.


Are you working on your identity project? Have you started blogging about it? Did you complete last week’s technology investigation assignment? Have you begun to think about the digital story that you would like to create for your identity project?

Things to ponder. . .

Assignments as We Head Into Week Four

You all should have gotten an email from me yesterday (Wednesday, 2/1) with details about your topic/technology investigations. In addition, I asked you all to set up a meeting with me for Friday or next Monday to straighten out your Web sites. You can request a meeting by going here.

Since we’ve had some setbacks with sites, as you wait for your site to come back up online, submit all posts using the form on this site. This is not optional! I expect you to use this form until you have your site back up and running.

Today (Thursday, 2/2), we’ll be talking about the technology of Search. You should have read the two articles I referenced in my previous announcement post. In addition, as an assignment for next week, I want you to follow-up on today’s discussion by completing at least one Lifehacker Search Challenge. These challenges are issued every week; there is one listed for this week. In addition, if you look on the right-hand side of the page, you’ll see a list of previous challenges. Pick one to do. DO NOT CHEAT and read the comments before you complete the challenge!! Blog about your experience trying to do this challenge and use the tag #searchchallenge.

Next week, we’ll be moving into a new topic, Circa 1995, in which we’ll be taking a look at the Web from the point-of-view of the mid-1990s. I’d like you to read and review the following items before class on Tuesday:

As you read and explore these resources, think about how they speak to your current experience and understanding of the internet and the Web. We’ll be talking about this topic in class on Tuesday, the 7th. As always, you should be blogging about your thoughts WRT to this reading and everything we’re discussing!

So, to recap:

  • Schedule your “Fix My Blog!” meeting with me for Friday or Monday
  • Keep blogging with the Emergency!! tool until then.
  • After our discussion about Search, complete at least one of the Search Challenges at  Lifehacker
  • Read/Listen to/View/Explore the resources I’ve listed above


Introduction to Week Three

I know there have been a lot of set-backs as everyone sets up their sites. It’s *really* important that we try to iron all of this out by the end of the week. If you are still having trouble with your site tomorrow (there have been issues on the server today that will probably extend into the morning), please make an appointment with me for Thursday or Friday to meet and get this worked out. It’s vital that you have your site in order as we move forward.

Today (1/31) in class, we’ll be talking about Who Owns You Online. We’ll be discussing the readings I assigned last week.

In addition, I’ll be assigning topic/technology investigations for the rest of the semester. (You can see these on the Working Calendar). Tomorrow, I’ll be sending you each an individual message (in Canvas) confirming your topic/technology and dates. I will also be telling you the deadline by which I expect you to work with me to choose readings (for topic investigations) and assignments (for technology investigations). Please pay attention to these dates and begin to plan for them!!

I’ll also be introducing the identity project tonight. (Please note that the milestones for this have been pushed back a little.) During class, you’ll be getting the subject for your project. You can begin working on the project immediately. I expect you to blog about your research as you do it and use the “#identityproject” tag.

Finally, on Thursday we’ll be wrapping up today’s conversation and talking at greater length about the technology of search. In preparation, I’d like you to read two short articles:

Assignments as We Head Into Week 3

Hopefully, as we all head into week three of #di202, we’ve got WordPress installed on our Web host and we’ve begun to start blogging. This week, I asked you to do two specific blog posts to help you get your feet under you and get used to blogging:

  • First introductory post and response to initial readings/videos (was due on Wed.)
  • Post about setting up your blog (due on Friday)

Make sure you get these done, ASAP!!

In addition, it is CRITICAL that you fill out the topic choice form. On Tuesday, I’m planning on announcing the topic schedule for the rest of the semester, so go do it now if you haven’t already!

On Tuesday, I’ll also be introducing the first Digital Identity Research project.

Just as a reminder, tonight (Thursday, 1/26), we’ll be meeting in duPont 209 with the digital storytelling class to talk with Gardner Campbell.

Finally, next week we’re going to be moving on to one of my favorite topics: Who Owns You Online? I’ve selected a list of things I’d like you to read/review for our conversation on Tuesday about this:

Remember, that for each of our topic discussions, I do expect you to use your blog as a space to share you reflections and thoughts. You can do this before class discussion or after, or both!

Finally, make sure you’ve reviewed the list of plugins I mentioned in my last post and attempted to install them on your site. Problems/solutions should be blogged!!

Introduction to Week Two

We’ve arrived at week two of #di202. By now you should have gotten your domain and Web host straightened out, installed WordPress, and, at the very least, written your first blog post. If you have not done this, you need to get on top of it ASAP!

Here’s what we’re doing this week:

  • Tuesday
    Technology Investigation: RSS & Twitter; Following-up with WordPress
    • Submit your first blog post in Canvas.
    • Set up Google Reader to read each other’s blogs and the course site
    • Add a widget to your sidebar to follow posts from the course (http://di202.umwblogs.org/feed)
    • Set up your Twitter account and follow me and your classmates
    • Install the following plugins on your WP site:
      • Akismet: This is already installed in your site; you need to activate it and then follow the instructions to make it work.
      • Twitter Tools: This is a plugin to send a tweet whenever you write a post. It can be a bear to install, so read the instructions carefully!!
      • Google Analytics: You’ll need to install this AND set up a Google Analytics account and integrate the two.
      • Anything else you find interesting!
    • Write a post about getting all this set up. How did it go? What worked? What was frustrating? What do you need help with?  (Submit this in Canvas by Friday, 1/27)
  • Thursday
    Topic Investigation: Personal Cyberinfrastructure (guest lecture by Gardner Campbell; we’ll be meeting in duPont 209)
    Make sure you’ve read the Campbell essay and watched the Wesch video by then!



Assignments for Week Two

As we close up the first week of #di202, there are a few things you need to be sure you’ve completed:

  • If you haven’t set up your domain and Web host, make sure you do it as soon as possible! (Tutorial links in the sidebar)
  • On your shiny, new Web space, install WordPress for blogging
    NOTE: There ARE other blogging applications available to you. If you want to experiment with something different on your Web host, that’s fine. Please talk to me about what you want to do so that I can help you if you run into any difficulty.
  • Find and install a theme that you like on your new blog
  • Begin exploring the various plugins for WordPress. Feel free to install and enable any that you find interesting.
  • Make sure you have watched Michael Wesch’s video (BOTH PARTS!!) and read Gardner Campbell’s essay.
  • Please read/review the following resources for next week (we’ll begin talking about them on Tuesday; they will also inform our conversation with Dr. Campbell on Thursday):
  • Share your first blog post with us. Use it to introduce yourself and begin responding to what we’re reading, talking about, and sharing in class.

UPDATE: Forgot to add to this list to make sure you have filled out the form about your topic/scheduling preferences. I need this by Tuesday, 1/24 so that we can set the schedule for the rest of the semester.

Welcome to #DI202

On Tuesday, January 17th, we’ll be starting AMST 202: Identity & Citizenship in the Digital Age. On this site, you’ll find all the information you need to get started with the class.

First, you should review the syllabus. It outlines the goals of the course, the work you’ll be doing, and how you’ll be graded. Within the syllabus, you’ll find links to detailed information about the larger assignments for the class. I encourage you to start orienting yourself to those.

Second, you’ll want to review the list of topics that we’ll be working from for the course. By next Tuesday (1/24) you’ll need to have completed the Topic Choice Form (at the bottom of the topic list) and indicated which topics you’re most interested in leading a class discussion on.

Third, as soon as you possibly can, you need to purchase your domain name and Web host and point your domain to your new Web account. Please note that it can take up to 48 hours for domain information to propogate, so it’s REALLY important that you get this done ASAP. If you run into ANY trouble, don’t hesitate to send me an email (or DM me on Twitter: @mburtis).

Fourth, before class on Thursday you need to watch the following video and read the following article:

These two resources will give you a conceptual grounding as to why you are purchasing a domain name and Web host as well as why it’s vital that we investigate how digital media and technologies are impact our senses of identity and community.

Fifth, you don’t need to do anything with this information, but please be aware that this course also has a space in the University’s course management system, Canvas. The Canvas site is where you’ll be submitting assignments and I’ll be grading them. Beyond that, information in that space will be very limited (and will usually link back to this site). You can find our Canvas site at https://umw.instructure.com/courses/202495.