Keep that domain name and migrate to some other host

Before you begin, make sure you’ve backed everything up!!!

Set Up a New Host: Point Your Domain & Install WordPress

This process will work in general for any other web hosting service go with, but I recommend checking the support resources for specific information.

To use your existing domain name you will have to pointing it to the new name servers provided by your new host- e.g. you will have to go back to the site you initially registered your domain (likely and change the DNS entries to point at the new host name server addresses.

Note it may take up to 48 hours for the new host to be recognized.

At that point, you’ll want to install WordPress on the new host (hopefully there will be a simple script installer to do this through an interface like cPanel).

Import Your Content from Your Old Blog

Now login to your new WordPress site on your new host and go to


You should check the option to download all media. WordPress will ask you to point to a file; point it to the file you downloaded when you made your blog export during the backup process.

After that all your posts, pages, menus, and comments should import cleanly. You need to check to see if the images still link to the old site or the new one.

Now that your content has been migrated, you can upload themes and plugins as you like.

Important note: If you are uploading your work to a new domain on a new server, you will have to check to see if the links and images are still working after the import.

Cancel Your CIC Account (I recommend waiting until you’ve got everything working properly at your new host before doing this!)

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