Migrate to UMW Blogs (with or without your domain name)

First, make sure you’ve done ALL your backups!

Create Your New Blog

Create a new blog at http://umwblogs.org (access available to all UMW students). If you don’t already have an account, create one and set up a blog. If you already have an account, add a new blog to it.

Use the “core” of your current domain name when you choose a URL for your new site. For example, if your current ds106 site is hosted at mysupercoolstuffds106.me make a new site for your self as mysupercoolstuffds106.umwblogs.org

Import Your Content from Your Old Blog

Now go to the admin area for your new site at UMW Blogs, and go to


You should use the option to use your current UMW blogs user name as the author, and check the option to download all media. UMW Blogs will ask you to point to a file; point it to the file you downloaded when you made your blog export during the backup process.

After that all your posts, pages, menus, and comments should import cleanly. You need to check to see if the images still link to the old site or the new one.

Now that your content has been migrated, you can pick a new theme, activate plugins, add widgets, etc.

Map Your Domain Name (Optional)

Since your domain is still paid for a full year, you can have that domain redirected or mapped to point at your new site- doing this ensures that no links to your content will be broken (as long as the domain is paid for).

See these steps for how to map your domain to a blog hosted on UMW Blogs. On UMW Blogs, you will find the domain mapping tool at

Tools–>Domain Mapping

Welcome to your new home! (DON’T FORGET TO CANCEL YOUR CIC ACCOUNT!)

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