Assignments for Week Two

As we close up the first week of #di202, there are a few things you need to be sure you’ve completed:

  • If you haven’t set up your domain and Web host, make sure you do it as soon as possible! (Tutorial links in the sidebar)
  • On your shiny, new Web space, install WordPress for blogging
    NOTE: There ARE other blogging applications available to you. If you want to experiment with something different on your Web host, that’s fine. Please talk to me about what you want to do so that I can help you if you run into any difficulty.
  • Find and install a theme that you like on your new blog
  • Begin exploring the various plugins for WordPress. Feel free to install and enable any that you find interesting.
  • Make sure you have watched Michael Wesch’s video (BOTH PARTS!!) and read Gardner Campbell’s essay.
  • Please read/review the following resources for next week (we’ll begin talking about them on Tuesday; they will also inform our conversation with Dr. Campbell on Thursday):
  • Share your first blog post with us. Use it to introduce yourself and begin responding to what we’re reading, talking about, and sharing in class.

UPDATE: Forgot to add to this list to make sure you have filled out the form about your topic/scheduling preferences. I need this by Tuesday, 1/24 so that we can set the schedule for the rest of the semester.

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