The Technology of Search

How Do Search Engines Work?

Search Engines for Everyone

Major Search Engines (Last Ones Standing):

But wait, there’s more:

Are you a Smart Searcher?

  • “” (search for exact word/words in the quotes)
  • site: (search within a specific domain)
  • – (exclude a term)
  • * (search with wildcards)
  • ~ (synonym search)
  • OR (boolean search to find one thing OR another)

What Can you NOT Find with a Search Engine?

But wait, does [insert your favorite search engine] index EVERYTHING? Or rather, has everything been indexed and made searchable by SOME search engine?

Meet The Invisible Web.

  • dynamic content
  • unlinked content
  • private/paywall content
  • contextual content
  • limited-access content (Robots Exclusion Standard)
  • non HTML/text content (how do you “index” the content of images and videos?)

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