Wrapping It All Up

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As the semester draws to a close, you all will need to decide what you want to do with your site. Here are a few options:

  • Delete it, walk away, never look back: Generally speaking, I don’t like to give students this option! I’m hoping that you’ve gotten enough value out of this experience that you want to keep your digital identity alive. However, since this is a class in digital identity (and personal empowerment), I think it would be disingenuous of me to REQUIRE you to keep your site going. So, if you want to blow it up, delete it, ignore it, feel free.
  • Keep that domain name and migrate to UMW Blogs: If you want to keep your domain name going and keep on blogging (but you don’t want to pay for Web hosting), you can export your blog from Cast Iron, create a new blog at UMW Blogs, import your content, and then map your domain name on top of your brand-spanking new site. Things to keep in mind if you take this route:
    • You’ll need to keep paying for a domain name for as long as you want to use it.
    • You’ll be limited to using the themes and plugins that are available on UMW Blogs.
  • Shed the domain name and migrate to UMW Blogs: If you don’t want to keep paying for ANYTHING, you can just export your content from your blog on Cast Iron, create a new blog at UMW Blogs, and import your content onto the new site. You’ll need to keep paying for the domain name (as long as you use it), but you can keep blogging on UMW Blogs for free.
    • You’ll be limited to using the themes and plugins that are available on UMW Blogs.
  • Keep that domain name and migrate to some other host: If you want to shop around for a better hosting deal, you can certainly migrate your blog to another host.
  • Keep that domain name and stay at Cast Iron Coding: This is the easiest option of all; just keep paying CIC every month. Happy blogging!

Week Fourteen: The Finish Line

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Welcome to the last week of classes. Here’s what you need to have on your radar:

Preparation for Pinterest on Thursday (4/26)

Before Class

After Class

  • Record (blog about) your initial reactions to Pinterest and what you thought of the sign-up process.
  • Create a Pinboard of your own and add everyone from the class to is that we can all see it.

Digital Community Projects

These are due by midnight on Friday, April 27.

Final Exam on Tuesday, May 1 at 6:00 7:00

  • Come prepared to present your community project.
  • Make sure you’ve completed the final exam blog post.



Week Thirteen

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As we move into Week Thirteen, here’s what you need to know.

Schedule/Deadline Changes

I’m canceling class on 5/17. Here’s the schedule for the rest of the semester:

  • Politics of Participation (Johnna) on 4/19
  • Google Maps (Leah) on 4/24
  • Pinterest (Lindsay) on 4/26
  • Final Community Projects Due by midnight on Friday, 4/27!!
  • Presentation of Community Projects on 5/1 (Final Exam Period)
  • Final Exam Due on 5/1 (I’ll be announcing what this during class this Thursday, 4/19)

Readings and Resources for Politics of Participation (led by Johnna)

Google Maps (led by Leah, now on 5/24)

Before Class

  • Make sure you have a Google account
  • Explore MapCruch and be prepared to discuss
  • Use Google Maps to look up directions from Tokyo Japan to New York, New York, specifically looking at instruction #24.

After Class

  • Use Google Maps to look up a birds’ eye view of your home or other location familiar to you. See if you can get a StreetView image. Capture the satellite image (as close as you can get) and/or the StreetView image and post on your blog.

Moving Into Week Twelve

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Next week is week 12. In honor of week 12, we will be spending Tuesday learning about Fan Culture, under the expert tutelage of Emily. On Thursday, William will be sharing the wonderful world of Diigo with us.

Prepare for Fan Culture

Prepare for Diigo

Before Class

After Class

  • Bookmark a couple of blog posts  from our classmates. Pick a couple of statements on those posts and add comments with Diigo sticky notes.

Continue to work on Community Project

Keep up your research, investigation, and blogging about your community!!


Moving into Week Eleven

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Welcome to Week Eleven of DI202. This week, Leah will be leading a conversation about subcultures online (Tuesday night) and having a (not optional!) workshop for your digital community projects.


Before class on Tuesday, 4/3, please be sure to read or view the following:

  Community Projects

You should have your research for your community project well underway, and you should be blogging about it at least once a week. I expect these posts to be more than just saying “I spent more time on XYZ site, and I’m really enjoying what I’m finding.” If you’re not sure what to be researching and writing about, review the assignment details, particularly the list of reflective questions. I expect these posts to be substantive, informative, engaging — and USE PICTURES!!

On Thursday of this week, I’ll be leading a workshop on the digital story portion of your project. Remember, you can do the project that is outlined on the assignment page or you can pick your own story idea. I expect you to let me know this week (in your community project blog post) which direction you intend to go for your digital story.

A Note about Grades

I’ve completed the 10-week pass on grades. Blogging and participation for this period is graded, as are your digital identity projects. If you’ve completed your topic or technology investigation, you will also have a grade for that. If you have any questions or concerns about your grade, talk to me ASAP.

Finishing Out Week 9, Moving into Week 10

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Finishing up this Week

On Thursday, 3/22, we’ll be dealing with two activities:

  • Finishing up presentations for the digital identity project (William and Lean)
  • Finishing up Tuesday night’s field exercise.

Next Week’s Class Activities & Preparation

Next week, William will be leading a discussion about “Virtual Crime” on Tuesday and Kirsten will be leading an investigation of YouTube on Thursday. Here’s what you need to do to prepare for these two classes:

Virtual Crime Readings/Resources:

Make sure you post your reactions to the readings on your blog!!

YouTube Preparation (Before class on Thursday, 3/29)

YouTube Exploration (After Class on Thursday, 3/29)

Upload a video of yourself wearing a shirt in your favorite color. Answer the following questions in your video:

  1. What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?
  2. If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?
  3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  4. Where in the world would you like to travel?

Set the video to your favorite song in the background.

When you upload it, explore the privacy/copyright settings (the copyright implications with the music you chose, whether you need to identify the song in the background, and whether you want to make the video public, private, etc.)

Embed your completed video on your blog and share your experiences with making it and putting it on YouTube.

Other Stuff


Next week is Week Ten of the semester, so I’ll be doing another grading pass. If you’ve done topic/technology explorations so far, you’ll receive your grade on those. I’ll also be grading everyone’s digital identity projects and grading your second round of participation and blogging. All grades will be posted in Canvas by next Friday afternoon (3/30)

Digital Community Projects

You need to be started on your community projects and should be blogging an update about this project at least once a week. If you have any questions or concerns about the project, please talk to me about it ASAP.

In addition, I’ve updated the community project assignment page with details about the final project.


Welcome to Week Eight

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On tap this week, everyone will be sharing their digital stories and research on Tuesday night. I had a dream on Sunday night about this class, and your projects were awesome! I’m sure that in real-life they be just as great. 😉

On Thursday, we will NOT be meeting in duPont at 6:00. Instead, we’ll be attending a public lecture by Dr. Bryan Alexander at 7:00 in Combs 139.

The title of the talk is The Visible College: Four Futures for Higher Education

 What is happening to higher education?  We are currently in a time of crisis and incipient transformation, with multiple pressures converging on academia.  Economic stresses, technological revolutions, political challenges, and transnational developments seem to be pressing the liberal arts into new shapes.  During this talk we will explore those changes, first by surveying the landscape with an eye towards the cybercultural renaissance.  Next we work through a set of future scenarios, imagining different possible forms for American academia.  The presentation will be as provocative and challenging as the problems addressed, and as interactive as the best solutions may be.

I expect that this presentation will touch on a number of issues and questions that we’ve addressed so far this semester. So, next Tuesday our class will be devoted to talking about this presentation. I expect you to share your thoughts and responses, including three things you learned from the presentation, on your blog BEFORE next Tuesday.

Things you need to be doing/have completed this week:

  • Identity project digital story: this is due TONIGHT (Tuesday, 3/13). Late work will affect your grade!
  • Begin your community project research, including a first blog post about which community you’ll be joining. This is due by Thursday, 3/15
  • Make sure you’ve caught up on past assignments. I expect you to be caught up on everything from before spring break by Thursday 3/15!!
  • Blog about Dr. Alexander’s talk by Tuesday, 3/20.
  • Check the calendarto see if you have to let me know about resources/readings for any upcoming topic or technology investigations.


Welcome to . . .Spring Break!!

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Believe it or not, we are actually half-way through the semester! Do you feel like you’ve mastered half of what there is to know about digital identity and citizenship? Awesome!

If you’ve still got work to do for your digital identity projects, you’ll probably have to work over break (insert sad panda). If you’re all caught up — yay, you!!

In any case, here’s where you should be when we return:

  • Your digital identity project needs to be completed and posted to your blog by the Tuesday after break. You need to prepare to present about the research you did, the interview you conducted, and your digital story. When I grade this project, I will be looking at it holistically — I’ll be considering how well you narrated your research process, your reflections on your subject interviews, your final story, and your presentation! (Resource Link: Preparing for your interview)
  • You should have picked your community for the community and citizenship project. You’ll want to hit the ground running on this when we return!!
  • You should be caught up on blogging for topic and technology investigations.
  • You should be regularly blogging and commenting!

Enjoy your break!!

Welcome to Week Seven

Race Cube

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Week Seven Investigations

This week, on Tuesday Kirsten will be leading our discussion on “Race & Ethnicity Online” and Johnna will be introducing us to Aviary on Thursday. Make sure you’ve reviewed the materials Kirsten’s provided and created your Aviary account.

Other Week Seven Announcements

  • On Tuesday (2/28), I’ll be passing out contact information for your digital identity subjects.
  • On Thursday(3/1), Alan Levine will be visiting our class for 10-15 minutes to interview us about digital identity for an upcoming conference presentation he’s doing.
  • If you are on tap to do topic or technology investigations in the weeks following spring break (William, Lindsay, Kirsten), them make sure you’ve checked the calendar for deadlines to get me resources/readings.
  • I’m noticing people still having a hard time keeping up with postings and commenting. Please be aware, this WILL affect your grade at the 10-week mark.
  • By Thursday, you should have shared with me what community you want to research for the Community & Citizenship Projects (suggestions at that link).

Looking Forward to After Spring Break

  • Identity projects are due the Tuesday after spring break. That means, your digital story must be posted on your blog by that day and you will be presenting in class that evening.
  • On Thursday of that week, class is canceled. Instead, I will be asking you each to attend a presentation by Bryan Alexander. (Details forthcoming).

Moving Into Week Seven

Welcome to the Middle (Some rights reserved by GenBug on Flickr)

Finishing Up Week Six

  • Make sure you have finished up your reflections for this week’s topic (Lying Online).
  • For your investigation of Flickr, here is what Emily would like you to do:

    On your newly created Flickr account, upload (five) photos from your everyday life and put them into a Flickr “bunch.”  Write a caption to share with the class for each one what makes each one important. Share your collection on your blog!

  • Begin thinking about what community you would like to embed yourself in for the community project. I would like you to share your choice with me before you leave for spring break, if possible. I’ve included my list of suggested communities on the Community & Citizenship Assignment page. If you have another community that you would like to work on (that’s not on my list), I’m open to that. Let me know what it is, and I’ll let you know if I think it’s appropriate for the assignment.
  • Keep working on your digital identity projects. Remember, they are due the Tuesday after spring break!

Week Seven Investigations

Next week, Kirsten will be leading our topic investigation on Race & Ethnicity online (on Tuesday the 28th) and Johnna will be leading our technology investigation on Aviary (on Thursday the 1st).

In preparation for these two discussion, Kirsten and Johnna have asked you to review the following:

Race & Ethnicity Resources/Readings & Questions

  1. What are the drawbacks of the internet in terms of race and cultural stereotypes?
  2. What are the benefits offered by the internet for race and ethnic identity?
  3. Do you think the internet perpetuates or discourages racial discrimination?

Aviary Resources/Readings & Questions

Sign up for an account on Aviary.

Please make sure you review all of your classmates’ materials prior to our discussion. As always, I expect you to share your topic reflections and technology investigations on your Web sites!!

 Identity Projects

These are due the Tuesday after spring break. During that class session, I will expect each of you to do a brief (5-10 minute) presentation about your project. I’ve added more information about this presentation to the Identity Project page.

Next Tuesday (the 28th), I will give you each a contact email for your research subject. You should schedule your interview with them ASAP. Do not leave this to the last minute — you have no control over their schedule and if you wait, you may not be able to make it work!