Identity Project

Project Overview

You will spend several weeks researching your own digital identity and that of one other individual. I will provide you with the name of the other person in class on 1/23 1/31, and, once you have completed the analysis of their identity, you will be expected to contact them and interview them about what you’ve found.

I expect you to blog regularly about what you are finding as you complete this project (tag: #identityproject). Some questions that should guide your reflection and work:

  • What tools are you using to investigate identity?
  • What are you finding hard to uncover?
  • What is surprising to you about what you find?
  • Is any of what you’ve unearthed alarming?
  • Is this easier or harder than you thought it would be?
  • Do you feel like you “know” the person you are researching?
  • What was it like to talk to the person you researched?
  • Were they what you expected?
  • Were they surprised by what you found out?
  • Do you feel like you “know” them better after talking to them?HINT: I am not looking for “yes” or “no” answers to ANY of these questions.

At the end, you will compile your findings into a digital story. Below, you will find a number of new media project ideas that you may use to inspire your story. I will ask you to decide on an approach for your story by the week of 1/30. I will work with you to refine that idea and make sure that you have access to resources to complete your project.  You will present your research and project to the class in  5-10 minute presentation during the week of 2/27.


Week of 1/23 1/31: Project Introduction and Person Assignments

Week of 1/30 2/14: Blog post in which you outline your plan for a final digital story.

Week of 2/27 3/13: Project (all blog posts and digital story) complete; in-class 5-10 minute presentation.

New Media Project Ideas

  • Create a series of Pokemon cards that represent your real and digital identity. Create a set for your research subject as well.
    Additional Assignment Information
  • Create a series of minimalist TV/Movie posters that represent your real and digital identity. Create a set for your research subject as well. Try to distill the “essence” of what you unearthed during this project.
    Additional Assignment Information 
  • Create a “What’s Inside” feature for you and your subject. How well can you represent yourself (and him/her) by distilling yourselves into your base “ingredients.”
    Additional Assignment Information 
  • Put together a photo essay (using Creative Commons images) that capture the essence of your and your subject’s digital identity. Upload them to VoiceThread and annotate them with audio commentary.
  • Create a movie trailer that introduces us to you and your subject based on what can be gleaned from your digital presence.
  • Record your interview with your subject (audio or video) and create a mini tv/radio show in which you explore the notion of digital identity.
  • Create a 1-2 minute “documentary” in which you introduce yourself and/or your subject as a character
    Additional Assignment Information 
  • Make a digital timeline in which you narrate the development of your and/or your subject’s emerging digital identity.
  • Create a “Facebook Narrative” in which you narrate your (and your subject’s) social media presence over a period of time.
    Additional Assignment Information 
  • Other Ideas: 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell Story

These are just ideas. You may choose a different approach. If you have ideas for other approaches to this project, feel free to leave a comment below.

UPDATE: Class Presentation

On the Tuesday after spring break, your project is due. You will also do a 5-10 minute presentation during class about your project. You should use this as an opportunity to address some of the questions above (particularly the ones that were most meaningful to you) and to share your digital story.


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