Running List of Assignments

Your activity in this class (aside from attending and participating in class) is broken into six broad categories:


There are formal writing assignments that you are expected to do in your blog as part of the other four activities (topic investigations, technology investigations, digital identity project, community & citizenship project). Less formally, I would like to see you try to “inhabit” your blog more and more as the semester progresses. Use it to build out and share your digital identity — you can blog about things that are not class-related, post materials from other classes, experiment with and customize your theme and look and feel, etc.

Topic Investigations

You are expected to

  • read the associated readings/resources BEFORE class;
  • review and share your reflections on each topic (and the associated readings/resources) on your site, either BEFORE OR AFTER; and
  • if you are leading the topic investigation, you are expected to not only post but to comment and foster conversation on the topic on your classmates’ blogs!

Technology Investigations

You are expected to

  • review readings/resources or complete tasks BEFORE class (if they are provided);
  • complete the investigation activity AFTER class and blog about it; and
  • if you are the one leading the investigation, not only blog your own activity but comment upon your classmates’ posts and foster the online conversation.
  • The Technology of Search
  • Internet Archive
      • Do the Wayback Time Machine Assignment from the ds106 assignment respository. Share your work on your blog.
      • Search the moving images, audio, text, or software repository for one source that relates to a class you’re taking right now, a topic you’re interested in, or a project/class you’ve worked on in the past. Try and find something you couldn’t find anywhere else (in other words, don’t just set out to find something you’ve already encountered or explored). Share what you found on your blog: what did you set out to look for? What did you find? Was it hard/easy? Were you surprised by what you found?
  • Creative Commons
  • Flickr – Emily
  • Aviary – Johnna
    • Create an Aviary account BEFORE class.
    • ACTIVITY: Use one of the Aviary tools to create something and post it on your blog.
  • Pinterest – Lindsay (3/22)
  • YouTube – Kirsten (3/29)
    • Before Class
    • After Class ACTIVITY:
      • Upload a video of yourself wearing a shirt in your favorite color. Answer the following questions in your video:
        1. What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?
        2. If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?
        3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
        4. Where in the world would you like to travel?
      • Set the video to your favorite song in the background.
      • When you upload it, explore the privacy/copyright settings (the copyright implications with the music you chose, whether you need to identify the song in the background, and whether you want to make the video public, private, etc.)
      • Embed your completed video on your blog and share your experiences with making it and putting it on YouTube.
  • Diigo – William (4/20)
    • Before Class
    • After Class
      • Bookmark a couple of blog posts  from our classmates. Pick a couple of statements on those posts and add comments with Diigo sticky notes.
  • Google Maps – Leah (4/22)
    • Before Class
      • Make sure you have a Google account
      • Explore MapCruch and be prepared to discuss
      • Use Google Maps to look up directions from Tokyo Japan to New York, New York, specifically looking at instruction #24.
    • After Class
      • Use Google Maps to look up a birds’ eye view of your home or other location familiar to you. See if you can get a StreetView image. Capture the satellite image (as close as you can get) and/or the StreetView image and post on your blog.
  • Pinterest – Lindsay (4/24)
    • Before Class
    • After Class
      • Record (blog about) your initial reactions to Pinterest and what you thought of the sign-up process
      • Create a Pinboard of their own and share it on your blog.


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