Technology Investigations

Over the course of the semester, we will also be spending time exploring and using a range of online tools, technologies, and social networks. Each of you will be responsible for leading an investigation of one of these. As leader, your responsibilities will include the following:

  • Prior to class, spend some quality time investigating, using, and reading about the tool, technology, or space you are responsible for.
  • Prior to class (in consultation with me), develop a short assignment that you expect students to complete with your technology.
  • During class, provide a 10-15 minute introduction to your technology. The introduction should help us to understand the following:
    • What is the purpose of this thing?
    • What kind of activity does this thing encourage?
    • What do other people think about this thing? (Hint: Look for reviews)
    • What kind of people use this thing? What kind of people don’t?
    • What choices did you notice in the design of this thing that influence how we use it? Why do you think these choices were made?
    • What do you like about this thing? What do you hate about it?
    • Practically speaking, what steps do we need to take to begin exploring and using this thing?
  • During class, you will introduce the short assignment you’ve developed. During the rest of class, students will be given time to explore the tool/technology/space and to begin your assignment. You will be on hand to provide support and advice.
  • After class, I expect you to serve as a leader in the online discussion. You should comment on their posts, make connections between their posts (in a post of your own), answer questions (to the best of your ability), point them to resources, etc.

Each student is expected to complete the short assignment and share it on their blog. I also expect to seem some reaction to the tool/technology/space. What did you think about it? Would you continue to use it? How would you use it? What bothered you about it? What did you like about it?

During the first two weeks of class, I will be scheduling your technology investigations.

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